[Ovmsdev] Initial OTA update

chip at cangmag.com chip at cangmag.com
Thu Apr 19 04:02:32 HKT 2018

Reference:  Tesla Roadster 2.0 Sport 

OVMS Firmware-- Server: 2.1.1-20121216 Car: 3.1.004/ota_0/main App:
1.6.6 (20150821) 

I've been running the new v3 since Sunday 15 Apr without fault [updated
to build 3.004 on Mon 16 Apr].  I've successfully used a variety of
capabilities using the iPhone Mobile app [1.6.6].   

Successfully operating: Remote door lock and unlock, remote Homelink,
remotely change charging mode [Standard, Storage, Range]. 

Today, for the first time, and while communicating over the cellular
modem, I COULD NOT remotely start a charging cycle, I then tested other
remote functions [door lock and change of charging mode both worked],
but when I went back to remotely start a charging cycle, again it didn't
engage.  On the app screen that charge "slider" slides over to the
right, but just stays there and ultimately times out. 

I will test this again tonight at home when I am on Wifi (which I seem
to recall may have been working on Sunday, so it may be related to
communicating over the cellular network). 

This may also be a just a non-repeatable gremlin, but I thought I'd
notify this group to get the observation out there, and see if maybe
anyone else is seeing it. 

Chip C. 

On 2018-04-18 9:46 am, Greg D. wrote:

> Michael Balzer wrote:
> Am 16.04.2018 um 22:16 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> I have seen the queue overflow problem once on the current build, so it isn't solved. But it wasn't related to any action, it happened while
> the module was idle.
> To clarify, it's no problem if it resolves after some seconds, that may be due to a temporary mongoose lock / overload. If we can trigger that
> reliably by some action, that would help to track this down.
> Short update: I could trigger it again now multiple times on the OTA page. It seems to be happening due to the update check running over the
> modem line, it does not happen with modem disabled. I need to check in Wifi client mode.
> Regards,
> Michael

Hi Michael,

Interesting...  I was going to write back and say that the 3.003 to
3.004 update went very smoothly, with no queue overflows being reported,
and that all was well.  I don't recall if the modem was connected at the
time, however.

A side note for anyone having trouble connecting to AP mode with their
cell phone...  I've always had a lot of trouble with timeouts and such,
and finally tracked it down to a similar issue as above.  If the phone
has both an LTE and AP connection, the http request to often
goes out over the LTE path, and is therefore doomed.  Disabling LTE
"fixes" that, but of course, also disables your phone.(or at least the
data part).  I haven't found a good way to beat some (routing) sense
into the phone otherwise.

This was with my new Google Pixel2, so it's not a matter of an old buggy
device.  (Ok, so it's a new buggy device...)

Also, the first time you connect to the AP, the phone _blocks_ all
communications with it until you answer the annoying notification
(usually hidden in the background) that says "Hey, we can't get to the
Internet with that AP.  Are you sure you want to stay connected to it?",
or words to that effect.  Me thinks they have taken this always
connected Internet meme a bit too far.


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