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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
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> Makes me think, could the pages, or at least snippets of pages such as the dashboard alone be stored via vfs ?
> Or a sort of mechanism with conditional test on the presence of a file to spit out to the browser, if not use the embedded default “very long string".

When a URL is not handled by the webserver, it's served from vfs. So you can simply store your customized html pages in your docroot. As they are loaded from
the module host, you will be able to use XHR requests and access the websocket stream.

There is no nice way yet to include buttons to custom pages, but if you store your custom pages in a directory and enable the directory index, you can simply
add a bookmark to the directory…

…thinking about this, I could also scan a "plugin" directory for html files and include them as buttons on the home page and in a menu. I think I'll do that,
maybe along with the file editor I was thinking about for scripts, so plugins can be edited.


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