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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Apr 4 13:04:25 HKT 2018

I do like the Nextion displays, but the price is crazy. Four to five times that of a bare display. The idea here is to do this as cheap as possible (I am aiming for below US$50, but not sure if we can get it to that level). The ESP32 WROVER devkit (with display, but without enclosure) is around US$60.

With the ESP32 platform, the data and CAN buses come for free (ok, not quite - perhaps US$2 for the CAN transceiver circuitry). I do agree that a simple two-wire power+gnd approach using wifi/bluetooth connectivity is fine for us, but for other users having an external hard-wired connectivity option may be useful. If price becomes an issue, we can leave the circuit supporting it, but just don’t solder those components in place.

I know that I would love a simple programmable display that can talk to a CAN bus. Then people can do the software without having to worry about hardware. Could also stick these on the wall around the house for home automation control. Lots of interesting fun projects for a 3.x” display in a case, with a wifi/bluetooth controller.

Regards, Mark.

P.S. Very cool RaspPi. Love the video.

> On 2 Apr 2018, at 11:39 PM, Julien “JaXX” Banchet <jaxx at jaxx.org> wrote:
> Oh, nice !
> Was sorta thinking of another approche for the (accessory display to an existing OVMSv3), since the ovms has comms (Wifi, BT soonish), having something simpler/lighter without the needs for a data or can bus. The whole display would only need 
> And indeed, an ESP has guts for that on it’s own, display could be something like an iTead HMI display which are still cheap for the small screens
> Otherwise, more hackable/educational , a RaspPi :
> https://twitter.com/happyjaxx/status/980459861543739393 <https://twitter.com/happyjaxx/status/980459861543739393>
> (Piggybacking the websocket to stream events and metrics, whose speed and power only ticks once a second oddly, gotta dig into that, was just logging it for now to replay at home, will have to play with Kivy a bit more for some bling-bling graphics)
> JB./.
> On 2 Apr 2018 at 17:24 +0200, Geir Øyvind Vælidalo <geir at validalo.net>, wrote:
>> I could be interested in something like that. When driving long trips with the Kia, there’s definitely some values that would be very nice to be able to see all the time, like ideal range, average consumption since trip started, charging status, charging speed in kWh and km/h and more. 
>> Geir
>> Sendt fra min iPhone
>> 2. apr. 2018 kl. 14:24 skrev Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net <mailto:mark at webb-johnson.net>>:
>>> Having completed the v3.x hardware, and being a complete masochist for this, I’m now working with China to see what is possible as a display (for OVMS and other projects).
>>> The idea is to have a small enclosure that includes:
>>> A 3.5” backlit LCD display.
>>> Four touch buttons (as touch-screen too hard to use in a moving vehicle) - Up, Down, Enter, Back/Cancel.
>>> A WROVER32 (probably 4MB flash to keep costs down, but perhaps 16MB is possible). This has 4MB SPIRAM.
>>> MicroSD or SD card slot (full speed 4 wire).
>>> USB for firmware flashing and console access.
>>> Bluetooth
>>> Wifi
>>> Connection for:
>>> Power (12V regulated)
>>> Data (async bus)
>>> CAN (one single CAN bus)
>>> Expansion via internal GPIO headers
>>> OVMS firmware
>>> This could be a display for OVMS, or in general be a very flexible form of in-car or general purpose hacker display.
>>> The entire project would be geared towards getting the cost down. I’m trying to get an idea of what we can get this done for.
>>> What do people think? Is this any use?
>>> Regards, Mark.
>>> 1] Easily obtainable enclosure
>>> The idea being to use this along with a standard car mount (perhaps magnetic - there are lots)
>>> <T29ba5XNxXXXXXXXXX_!!1821337140.jpeg>
>>> <TB2CXEYiRTH8KJjy0FiXXcRsXXa_!!1846091269.jpg>
>>> <TB2BE7_sFXXXXchXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!2158137177.jpg>
>>> <T260HcXz4aXXXXXXXX_!!1821337140.jpg>
>>> 2] Other examples, for comparison
>>> <1f6d36f5$1$162845d3397$Coremail$guangzhouxinghai$163.com <http://163.com/>>
>>> <be0923f$4$162845d3397$Coremail$guangzhouxinghai$163.com <http://163.com/>>
>>> <39c78b1e$3$162845d3397$Coremail$guangzhouxinghai$163.com <http://163.com/>>
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