[Ovmsdev] Anyone with a Tesla Roadster v1.5?

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 04:25:46 HKT 2018

Hi folks,

I've added support for metrics v.b.current and v.b.power for the Tesla
Roadster, but I can only test it on my 2.x car.  Anyone with a 1.5,
could you check to see that they working on that platform too?

Also, if you have a HUD, I tried running the OBDII ECU task with a short
script to replace the RPM display with something resembling battery
power.  Seems to work.  The 2.x cars display this on the right-hand
gauge on the instrument panel.  The 1.5's only display RPM there, which
is redundant with vehicle speed, so this might be an interesting
real-world application for those cars.  Many HUDs display the engine RPM
in a big graphical arc, so it has a similar feel.

The script is:

OVMS> vfs cat /store/obd2ecu/12
out = 500.0;
if(speed > 1) { out=power*40; }

This should also work for other cars that support the vehicle speed and
battery power metrics.

Feedback requested,


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