[Ovmsdev] V3 progress

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Mon Oct 23 09:19:13 HKT 2017

Hi Geir,

I see you've got Soule on line 41, and you've used the NL vehicle code 
on line 63 of vehicle_kiasoulev.cpp.

Otherwise it looks good.

I've been porting the Leaf v2 logic with as few changes as possible. The 
changes are mostly simple, replacement of can_databuffer with d and 
replacing the global state variables with metrics setters. I can still 
make sense of a diff between the v3 .cpp file and the v2 .c file. Once I 
have full feature parity between v2 and v3, I'll probably refactor the 
cpp code some.

On 23/10/17 09:50, Geir Øyvind Vælidalo wrote:
> Mark,
> I just sent a Pull request for the initial Kia Soul EV-stub.
> I’m still a newbie on GIT so forgive me if I make a mess! Most of the 
> time spent so far is setting up esp-idf and trying to figure out GIT 
> again 🙂
> Geir
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