[Ovmsdev] Higher resolution events

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Nov 26 13:38:50 HKT 2017


To implement the Leaf's remote climate control, I need to send a frame, 
wait 50ms and then repeat another frame every 100ms for 25 repetitions.

On the v2 hardware I implemented this with a 50ms delay and the 
ticker10th function. I wasn't able to find any delay functions in v3 so 
either I didn't look hard enough, nothing needs one, or busy-waiting 
isn't the right thing to do. Ticker10th isn't implemented. I could 
refactor the existing ticker task to fire 10 times a second instead of 
once per second, or I could register a new task for the climate control 
and cancel it after the the 25 repetitions. Or maybe something else 
altogether is appropriate?


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