[Ovmsdev] SIMCOM PPP

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Thu Nov 16 14:47:46 HKT 2017

On 15/11/17 03:10, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> See if you can then recreate the problem?
> For me:
>   * Disabling MDNS didn’t solve the problem
>   * Disabling MDNS+WebServer didn’t solve the problem
>   * Disabling MDNS+WebServer+Telnet DID solve the problem
> With just wifi + ovms_server_v2, it seems more stable for me. Can you 
> try, and let me know?

Yes, this configuration does seem to help a lot. I can now make and hold 
a connection to the v2 server using the GSM modem and a startup script 
to turn everything on hands free. It doesn't always work, I've variously 
seen errors resolving dns names, what looks like the modem stopping 
responding, and also never getting to the point where it thinks it has 
IP communications. But at least some of the time it connects, and I 
haven't seen a crash while it's been connected to my laptop.

I'm not sure that everything is working in wifi land yet, this morning I 
walked out of my house with the OVMS running on a USB power bank (no 
car) and connected to my home wifi. Half way down the street turn I 
turned on my cell phone hotspot and it didn't reconnect. I rebooted it 
with the button and it connected to the phone. I had the hotspot on and 
off all day and it reconnected every time without crashing. I didn't try 
the reverse situation because my power bank went flat on the way home 

I piped the monotonic counter into the odometer metric so I can see when 
and if it crashes. Did I mention I wrote a python client for the v2 
server that records data in an influxdb for visualisation with a grafana?

Thanks Stephen for finding the actual bug, I'll run without the various 
features (I don't use them anyway) until it's fixed.
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