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Miles per kWh ?5.0 is pretty good. 3.3 is winter.Filter the instantaneous so out doesn't jump around too much and distract.Alternate is/with trip average.Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE device
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    Yea!  Humming along just fine.


    Question to the larger audience:  As a default, what metric should
    the ECU Simulator map to the Fuel Flow display element?  


    Most HUDs have a default display for fuel consumption, often in
    Liters/hr (or configurable to that).  The scale and # of digits is
    limited - mine has a range of 0 to 19.9.  I was originally thinking
    something power-related would be appropriate, but none fit in the
    display's range, and doing hokey things like scaling by 1/10 fail a
    cursory usability test.  I'm thinking a useful display, both for use
    and as a verification of function, would be to display the metric
    v.b.12v voltage.  How does that sound?


    Note that the individual elements can be re-mapped by command
    (config set obd2ecu.map  ), and these
    values are stored in flash and automatically loaded when the obdii
    ecu is started or reloaded.  I'm just wondering what the default
    should be.  The other pre-loaded default PIDs are RPM, Speed, and
    Coolant Temperature (which is mapped to Motor temp).  One can change
    any of these, and/or add more as desired.







    Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:


      Try this:

          OVMS > wakeup
          Vehicle has been woken

      it’ll jiggle, but not much else.

      Would be nice to have it drive around the streets.
        But following roads may be a little bit tricky.

      Regards, Mark.

            On 9 Nov 2017, at 4:45 AM, Greg D. <gregd2350 at gmail.com>

                  Nice, useful tool.  It also works to
                    "drive" the ECU simulator for displaying to an
                    external HUD / dongle.
                  But, the demo was somewhat underwhelming,
                    as the virtual car was just sitting there.  Where is
                    the "Gitty Up" button?
                      Sent from my phone, just so you know.
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                  From: Mark Webb-Johnson
                  Date: Wed, 11/8/2017 4:03
                  To: OVMS Developers;
                  Subject:[Ovmsdev] DEMO

                  I’ve been working on a DEMO vehicle in
                    the firmware. This is enabled by:

                    vehicle module DEMO

                  The idea is that this vehicle exercises
                    all the metrics in a logical way. It can simulate
                    driving, charging, and sitting idle. Along with the
                    ‘metric set’ command, it can be used to demonstrate
                    all the different modes. It works something like the
                    ovms_democar at the server-side, but runs on a
                    vehicle module itself.

                  It is intended to be used by firmware
                    developers for testing their functions. Things like
                    ovms_server_v2 and ovms_server_v3. Also, stress
                    testing on the bench (without requiring a vehicle).

                  Functionality is basic at the moment,
                    but it is working. I should be able to finish the
                    last parts of ovms_server_v2 now.

                  Regards, Mark.



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