[Ovmsdev] v2 android clients crashes while v3 is charging

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Mon Nov 6 16:57:29 HKT 2017

On 03/11/17 14:04, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

>     I think I have a better implementation of this, by exposing the
>     ostringstream precision+fixed parameters to metric accessor
>     AsString(). That means we can do this, even if converting between
>     units. That is committed, and pushed, so I don't think this pull
>     is needed and can be dropped.

Agreed your implementation is much better.

> I also started the work on expanding the structure for ovms_server_v2 
> in general. It handles peer connections, and the blinking antenna on 
> the App works well now. We should now be able to implement all of that 
> as all the tools are in place. I think that should be my next target - 
> get the ovms_server_v2 100% compatible with OVMS v2. The 
> features/parameters are going to be a challenge.

Given users can do setup with the usb console with no special hardware, 
it might not be necessary to bring all the features and parameters to 
the v2 protocol. Instead it might be better to work on the v3 protocol & 
clients and make the early users use the console? I haven't looked much 
at what the other vehicle modules do with the features and parameters, 
are there any vehicles that users adjust them so much plugging into the 
usb is inconvenient?

>> I also sent another pull request for a minimal implementation of the 
>> charger state related values in the v2 protocol, and some small leaf 
>> fixes.

This pull request ( 
) is still outstanding

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