[Ovmsdev] Remote Climate Control on 2016 model Leaf

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Tue May 30 04:31:17 HKT 2017


Philip came over and we had a look at why the OVMS remote climate 
control does not work on his Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) 2016 30kWh 
Leaf. It turns out that the wake up message used on "Gen 2" cars (CAN ID 
0x68c with length 1 and payload 0x00) does not wake this car up.

Does anyone have a late model Leaf with working Nissan Connect who can 
sniff the bus and tell us how the remote wakeup works on these newer 
cars? Have Nissan gone back to using a wire between the TCU and the rest 
of the car to wake it up, like they had in the Gen 1?

I believe the OVMS can be used as a CAN bus monitor with an alternative 
firmware, so possibly anyone with an OVMS and a PIC programmer can do 
the sniffing.


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