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Nikolay Shishkov nshishkov at yahoo.com
Fri May 19 19:33:05 HKT 2017

Is there provisioning in the v.3 hardware for switching off? I have killed numerous aux. batteries with my v.2 units and would appreciate possibility for the v.3 to switch itself off, and I mean totally off, not just the processor, but all leds, converters, etc. Nikolay
On Friday, May 19, 2017, 9:58:07 AM GMT+2, Edward Cheeseman <cheesemanedward at gmail.com> wrote:Personally, the v2 size is great because it is close to the same size as the electronic toll road device in cars that get exported second hand from Japan.

What would be ideal for in car development is a USB port and SIM card slot accessible out the front with the LEDs.

If v3 was similar front area, even if significantly longer, that would still work!

That's just what fits my personal need.

More generally to make a more reliable product: expansion boards need to be mechanically latched. I have used brass threaded inserts soldered onto the main board. Use a low strength thread glue on the screws and they only come apart with a screwdriver.

In other news there is potential for a bunch (20+) Leafs that need units in a relatively short timeframe. Are V3's likely to be going soon, or would v2's be safer? The porting to ARM is going to need a bit of testing correct?


> On 19/05/2017, at 6:23 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> I've got the first OVMS v3 development board in my hands now. The components seem fine, and I'm finalizing the QC program that checks everything to make sure all is ok. 16MB flash with OTA capability, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3xCAN bus, lots of GPIO, switched 12V, power by USB/12V, SD card reader/writer, optional 2G/3G/4G modem (with GPS), two expansion slots, USB, and an external expansion connector - all look good.
> Both 3G and 4G development expansion boards are also being made now, and I should have those next week.
> But, having seen it and held it, I'm now having second thoughts about the layout. As you can see from the attached pictures, the expansion slots are each about 60mm x 45mm. Putting two of those on the board makes it about 9.5cm x 9.5cm square. Height will be similar (a little bit taller) than the current OVMS v2. This is a first draft run only, just to confirm the components, but as you can see there is quite a lot of blank space and traces for the two expansion slots. That, and the sheer number of connectors we have, dominate the board. Let's call this arrangement (A).
> There was an alternative arrangement that I considered a while back. That would be to have just one expansion slot, but use stackable connectors (so multiple boards could be piggybacked on each other). In that arrangement, the expansion slot could be either vertical or horizontal, with a vertical arrangement being close in size to the existing OVMS v2 (but the height would need to be much taller to accommodate the piggybacked expansion boards). Let's call this arrangement (B).
> It doesn't change the wiring. Just the size and arrangement of components on the board, as well as the box housing this all. (A) ends up with a 1" wider+taller box of about the same thickness, while (B) ends up with a box about the same width and height, but significantly thicker. To me, it seems that (A) is more automotive, and (B) more hobbyist.
> What do people think?
> In the meantime, on with development (now that at last I have a target in my hands).
> Mark
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