[Ovmsdev] OVMS V2.5 production / Renault Zoe support

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Tue May 2 07:37:44 HKT 2017

Hi Mark,

I'm really interested in the down-stream OBDII connection (ECU
emulator).  I would like to use it to drive a Wi-Fi Hotspot dongle
(T-Mobile's "SyncUp Drive").  Thanks for including this.

Besides providing a hotspot for the car's passengers, and the intended
vehicle telematics, it could also give the OVMS module a Wi-Fi
alternative to the 3G modem, at least when the car is awake.  I presume
the modem would be the preferred connection for lower power states.


Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Along with some HUDs, I’ve been experimenting with a little OBDII
> display that costs around US$25 (quantity: 1). Connection is via OBDII
> (CAN bus) - the idea being that we will emulate an OBDII ECU on one of
> our CAN buses that connects to this. So, we can output battery
> temperate where the unit expects coolant temperature, SOC% as fuel
> level, etc. MCU in that unit is a GD32F103 (like an STM32, but
> 108MHz). Input is via a little jog-left, jog-right, push-to-click
> button on the front. Just an idea and something I’m messing around with.

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