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Wed Jun 28 00:22:13 HKT 2017

These are things of beauty(!)-----I can't wait to get my hands on them. 
Very well done!

On 2017-06-27 7:41 am, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> Some pictures of old vs new v3 arrangement.
> I just got the new board today, and it 'feels' so much better. We re-layed out the expansion pins, to make routing easier, and that makes the layout much cleaner. Very happy with physical layout now. Circuit hasn't changed much - just layout.
> We've also built a prototype 3G/4G modem board.
> So far, all seems ok. I'm moving the nasty hacky test code for each peripheral over to a nicely layed out library in the ovms v3 project, one peripheral at a time. The SDCARD library came over great and is working well. Next is the SPI stuff (GPIO expansion, MCP2515 and on-board CAN).
> We are having an issue with power consumption in deep sleep. The ESP32 itself, 16MB flash chip, and our power supply, seem fine. They power down to <1mA. But, some other peripherals stay consuming power even in deep sleep.
> One cause seems to be simply missing the library code to sleep each peripheral - that is not hard, just a bit of work. The bigger issue seems to be the CP2102 USB UART chip - that is using about 5mA even in deep sleep. The SUSPEND mode doesn't seem to happen even when USB is disconnected. So, we may have to re-wire it to be powered by USB (rather than our 3.3V supply) - which will mean it powers off completely when disconnected from USB. Still testing that. The BTS chip also seems to be using more than we intend. We're talking about 20mA here (vs 80mA for OVMS v2), but I reckon we can get it down to below 1mA. Anyway, I don't want to confirm the hardware layout until we are 100% certain we can power down correctly.
> Getting close now...
> Regards, Mark.
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