[Ovmsdev] OBD2 poller / CAN TX handling

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Jun 21 02:58:26 HKT 2017

Hi everyone,

Wolfgang (Zoe) and I just stumbled upon an ancient bug in the CAN TX
buffer handling of the OBD2 polling framework.

After checking other modules, I found the same code quite often, so
vehicles not using the poller might be affected as well.

Waiting for some TX to get finished is almost everywhere done with this

  while (TXB0CONbits.TXREQ) {} // Loop until TX is done

Problem: this loop does not end if the PIC runs into a TX error, because
TXREQ won't get cleared then. So a TX problem with the CAN bus triggers
the watchdog reset.


  while ((TXB0CON & 0b00111000) == 0b00001000) {} // wait for TX done /

This loop ends on both TX error conditions and after successful transmits.

The fix for vehicle.c is here:


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