[Ovmsdev] ODB CAN message decoder?

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Wed Feb 8 16:39:19 HKT 2017

On 08/02/17 19:28, Greg D. wrote:
> I've looked, and could not find any Wireshark dissectors for CAN
> messages. I also found one reference saying that there weren't any...

The version of wireshark shipped with Ubuntu version of Wireshark 
natively decode the headers of CAN messages. Your screenshot shows that 
yours does too.

I wrote a dissector for the Nissan Leaf CAN bus. I'm fairly sure I'm 
doing it wrong (I can't search for values within packets for example) 
but it's good enough to be able to scroll through captures and see the 
decoded data. Have a look 

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