[Ovmsdev] Modem link-drop crash

Geir Øyvind Vælidalo geir at validalo.net
Wed Dec 27 23:19:35 HKT 2017

Maybe totally unrelated, but I thought I should mention it just in case. I couldn’t get Hologram Sim to work here in Norway with Telenor. I tried another SIM from Atea ( which used Telenor’s network) and that one worked. Only APN differed.


> 27. des. 2017 kl. 12:41 skrev Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org>:
> On 28/12/17 00:33, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> I’ve been rock solid for three days here, and a couple of network reconnects in that time.
>> But my tcp/is stack size is 4096bytes. Can you check yours in menuconfig, component config, LWIP, tcp/ip task stack size? My tiT task grows to 2472/4096 bytes.
> I've only got 2560 (ie the default value from sdkconfig.default). I'll bump it up and try again tomorrow.
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