[Ovmsdev] Modem link-drop crash

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Mon Dec 25 17:40:30 HKT 2017

On 24/12/17 19:53, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Can you guys try updating both your ESP IDF (based on open vehicles 
> 2.1 repo) and ovms v3 firmware. See if it is more reliable? I will 
> leave mine running now, to see if there is any improvement for 
> long-lived connections.

I updated and went for a drive on GSM. The v2 server reported telemetry 
for 10 minutes and then it stopping talking. I don't know why it stopped.

I've now got it on my desk connected to my laptop and it's been working 
for 20 minutes. I've just unplugged the antenna so we'll see how well it 
works (signal is strong here so it remains connected, but hopefully this 
simulates changing cell towers or something).

I've also found that you can connect with a terminal emulator at 155200 
baud and it doesn't reset the ovms (make monitor does reset it) so 
hopefully next time it stops communicating while driving I'll be able to 
see what is wrong.

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