[Ovmsdev] Mini-OVMS by Stephan Eipl

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Aug 27 00:09:11 HKT 2017

Hi everyone,

Stephan Eipl <stephan.eipl at gmx.de> has created a V2 hardware fork
without GSM modem, just serial port.

He uses a 433 MHz module to access the module, a Bluetooth module (i.e.
HC-05 / HC-06) should do as well.

If you'd like to create a firmware for this hardware, just copy your
build profile and enable the OVMS_FIXED_DIAGMODE compile switch.

If you've got questions about building the hardware or want to order a
PCB, please contact Stephan directly.




Michael Balzer * Helkenberger Weg 9 * D-58256 Ennepetal
Fon 02333 / 833 5735 * Handy 0176 / 206 989 26

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