[Ovmsdev] OVMS v2 Memory/Settings Corruption

Julien Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Fri Nov 25 05:10:57 HKT 2016

Hi all,

Thanks to Michaels last message to remind me to ask a question here:

Since a few months, maybe a bit more because it happens only once in a
while, I have noticed I wasn't receiving the SMS alerts (feature on SMSIP
mode) , and sending a "Stats?" only gave me the nasty access denied answer.

It turns out, using the application, I noticed that the phone number was
getting corrupted (afaik, it's the only setting affected)

Normally: "+33651886877" it became "+336k1886877" or "+33651886Z77" etc...
like a solar flare bit flip !

It seems it happens only upon reconnection of the ovms module the the OBD
plug (Twizy) as, well, the 12V battery, though brand new, can't last a
weekend (car parked underground, I suppose the GSM needs to force a bit too

So question: Has any one suffered from such an issue ?

And, otherwise, Michael might be able to tell:
Would having the feature on SMS only (without IP) consume less energy ? If
so, would it possible to imagine a Hybrid mode, IP active only if vehicle
on charge or keyon ?


PS: Despite winter, thinking of building a solar panel + thin plexi
sandwich for the rooftop, just because of the 12V battery :-) Only recent
twizys can charge the 12V from the traction battery when resting.
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