[Ovmsdev] OVMS v3 Design Outline

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Nov 4 22:55:49 HKT 2016

A note:

> a) Simple SIM that we can add to every OVMS module going out the door.
> b) Global activation (they use two zones, with most of the world where
> OVMS is in the cheapest zone 1).
> c) Zone 1 pricing of about US$0.40/month basic upkeep, plus US$0.60 -
> US$1.00 per MB of data. Zone 2 perhaps 20%+ more expensive. A 3MB zone
> 1 plan is around US$2/month all in (US$3/month in zone 2).

It's definitely good being able to ship modules with preconfigured
network connectivity, as doing the config is a major problem for many
new users.

But as the Twizy sends more telemetry, I'm now in the typical range of
15-20 MB / month.

My current SIM costs 2 € / month and includes 100 MB data, SMS at 0.09
€, so the Hologram offer is way more expensive.

And many german users now even switch to completely free SIMs, that are
paid (sponsored) by advertising (occasional SMS). For example the
"Netzclub" SIM is 0 € / month including 100 MB data volume as well:


There are more offers like this in germany, so the included Hologram SIM
should definitely be optional.


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