[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf Remote Climate Control

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Feb 21 07:16:35 HKT 2016

I got remote climate control on & off working, but only during charge. 
I've abused the alert and homelink commands for now:


I can't promise I won't force-push into this branch until it's ready for 
merging, so if you are from the future you may need to look at the 

Tested on my 2012 Gen 1 JDM Leaf with Carwings (Apparently the TCU and 
hence Carwings doesn't work in New Zealand due to incompatible cell 

Next is to investigate the wakeup logic line between the TCU and VCU. 
I've got 
http://docslide.us/documents/nissan-leaf-2011-2012-ev-control-system.html which 
describes two EV System Activation Request Signal connections (on page 
88), both on the VCU E63 connector. Pin 96 is from the charger (on page 
84) and pin 84 is from the TCU (on page 85).

I'm guessing I can observe how the charger wakes up the VCU and add some 
GPIO output hardware to the OVMS do the same thing to on the TCU line.

Remote charging will probably work the same way, but I can't test it 
since the only way I can currently get the car to pay attention to these 
messages is for it to be charging already.

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