[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf + Dev Environment

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Feb 14 16:42:40 HKT 2016


I just got an OVMS for my 2012 Japanese Domestic Manufacture Nissan 
Leaf. I also ordered the Leaf OBDII cable: 
https://www.fasttech.com/p/1779000 in my left hand drive car, this cable 
points towards the driver rather than towards the front of the car, I 
wonder if it's possible to rotate the socket in the car to make the 
cable point the other way?

I didn't have any trouble setting up and communicating via the app or 
SMS on New Zealand's 2degrees cell network.

I programmed the 2.6.5 firmware as recommended by the "Firmware 
Easy-Install" link on https://www.openvehicles.com/ which turned out to 
be a mistake. This I think this firmware expects the Car CAN bus but the 
Leaf OBDII cable connects the EV CAN bus. For a while I thought I had 
faulty hardware but the soldering looked good and when I took my 
oscilloscope out to the car and found CAN data entering the PIC 

It turns out the 2.6.5 firmware is old and you need a later one to work 
with the EV CAN bus on the Leaf cable. I'm not entirely sure how I 
missed that, I just checked out the tag without looking at the other tags.

I installed 
(and verified the md5sum matches 
http://www.microchip.com/forums/m662617.aspx for whatever that is worth) 
and have a working development environment and have built and programmed 
master into my unit and everything seems to be working.

Thank you all for your work on this project, I'll post again about 
improving the leaf support (I do embedded development in my spare time). 
The cars intended for the Japanese market have CARWINGS, but the 
telematics module doesn't work in New Zealand (incompatible cell network 

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