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The idea is to make the cellular modem an (optional) plug-in board. This is necessary for two reasons:

a) Technology changes (2G->3G->4G).
b) Universal modems (such as quad band 2G that work everywhere in the world) aren’t really possible in the 3G/4G space, so we need different modems for different parts of the world.

Happy to look at both 3G and 4G options as the time draws near. Quite frankly, there are a huge number of options out there for this. I consider this one of the easiest parts of the project.

Regards, Mark.

> On 2 Feb 2016, at 1:51 AM, Dominik Westner <ovms at nikwest.de> wrote:
> Generally I think 3G doesn’t make a lot of sense. A new platform should be 4G capable. As far as I know 2G is more likely to stay longer than 3G. 
> I know already some areas in Germany and Austria where you can find 4G and maybe 2G, but no 3G.
> For example seeedstudio retargeted their Rephone 3G module to 4G after some investigations about the future of 3G.
> (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/seeed/rephone-kit-worlds-first-open-source-and-modular-p/posts/1468366 <https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/seeed/rephone-kit-worlds-first-open-source-and-modular-p/posts/1468366>)
> Just my 2 cents
> Dominik
>> On 01 Feb 2016, at 18:30, Arthur Hebert <ahebert at gmail.com <mailto:ahebert at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> The Particle Electron has recently caught my attention: https://www.particle.io/cellular <https://www.particle.io/cellular>. Actual performance and usability are unknown, since the first units don't ship until later this month, but it has some attractive features:
>> low-cost M2M-oriented international SMS/data plans ($3/mo. for 20k messages)
>> STM32F205 MCU with 1MB flash, 128k RAM and 2 CAN buses
>> free development IDE: https://www.particle.io/dev <https://www.particle.io/dev>
>> also a free web-based dev environment at https://build.particle.io <https://build.particle.io/> (I assume/hope this will support the Electron cellular board when it comes out)
>> I know it doesn't come close to meeting the RAM requirements, but the cellular plan is a pretty big draw IMO. Perhaps worth using this module in conjunction with another board with a better MCU?
>> -Arthur
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