[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf Climate Control

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Dec 25 18:36:54 HKT 2016

On 12/12/16 07:42, Michael Balzer wrote:
> Tom,
> as you may have seen, I have added the support for CMD_ClimateControl to
> the latest Android App release.
> It only shows up if the vehicle capabilities contain cmd 26.

Thanks Michael!

The A/C button shows up with the current Leaf vehicle firmware and works 
to turn of the AC on and of (well I haven't got to the bottom of why 
some second generation cars don't work, but the button correctly signals 
the OVMS firmware to try to turn it on).

> I also added reading the doors5 HVAC bit for the button state, but I
> think it's not yet filled by the Leaf firmware.
> If you add that support to the firmware, the button should correctly
> reflect the state.

I'm not setting car_doors5bits.HVAC yet, I'll squint at the CAN bus and 
find a suitable tell that the AC is on.

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