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Robert has asked me to distribute this, as it may be of interest and relevant to members here.

Regards, Mark

P.S. I’ve cc’d Robert to this eMail, so you can reply directly.


I am a start-up looking for a developer to come on board as a co-founder and would very much appreciate it if you could share the following with your developer contacts.

Want to help save the planet?

We believe that technology can do that and we are committed to making it happen.

Every year vehicles dump nearly 3 billion-tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Electric vehicles represent a clean alternative and we're focussed on maximising their take-up by making them easy to use.

Our software overcomes the problems associated with highly variable range and charging times, by providing sat navs with the data to support electric vehicles quickly & easily.

With over one million people worldwide already driving electric vehicles and with more and more manufacturers entering the market place, electric vehicles are becoming a reality.

We are a start-up business in Basingstoke looking for a talented and effective senior developer to join as a co-founder.

We currently have a prototype system that we want to develop into a commercial product.

As well as product implementation this is an ideal opportunity to lead the company's technical development with the potential to progress to a CTO role.

The ideal person will be experienced in the following areas

Fluent in at least 3 programming languages (including one object orientated language)
SQL databases
UI/UX design
scalable server management
So if you want to help save the planet this is the opportunity for you.

For more information or an informal chat please feel free to contact me

Robert Sharpe (Managing Director)
07711 252971

Your Plugged-in Partner

Evergreen Consulting is the trading name of Sharpe Consultants Ltd

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