[Ovmsdev] Twizy tuning disabled by Renault

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Dec 7 21:44:08 HKT 2016

Hi everyone,

sorry, this is no direct OVMS issue, but as many 
Twizy users seem to read here, this may be the 
fastest way to spread this news.

Renault have disabled tuning on new Twizys.

This applies to Twizys manufactured after June 30 
2016, variants T45 & T80 have been confirmed, 
Cargo most probably as well.

To check your SEVCON firmware, do these reads:

CFG READS 1008 0
CFG READS 1009 0
CFG READ 1018 3

The new SEVCON firmware version is:

Product name:
Gen4 (Renault Twizy)Thu Jun 30 18:21:36

Hardware version:
T45: 0x00070104
T80: 0x00000103

Software version:

CANopen (Object Dictionary) revision:

The effect is, that any write access to some 
tuning register will result in a CANopen general 
abort code 0x08000000.

Write access has been blocked selectively to just 
the driving profile registers. Login level still 
is 4 and other writes succeed, DCF download works.

The blocked registers have not been changed in the 
object dictionary, so this is a hard coded handling.

I currently don't see any way around this other 
than reflashing the controller with a previous 
firmware (which has not leaked up to now and 
cannot be read from the controller).

Of course this not only affects OVMS tuning, but 
all Twizy tuning boxes.

Only SEVCON tuning (CFG command) is affected, all 
other OVMS functions will still work.

Please spread this info to your local Twizy 


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