[Ovmsdev] Kia Soul EV version 0.1

Robert Cotran robert at cotran.ca
Sat Oct 31 21:16:24 HKT 2015

Hi all,

I'm replying to Micheal Balzer's email from yesterday.  I wasn't on the 
mailing list until late yesterday afternoon, hence I'm not able to click 

I've got a Kia Soul EV 2016 in Canada which doesn't have the UVO 
services, so this is of great interest to me.

I have the OVMS kit in front of me, but I'm a total newbie, so I'm 
reading through some guides to get started.

Just wanted to say that I'll gladly be the guinea pig for this.

What I'd REALLY like is to have a way to remotely turn on the climate 
control system to warm up/cool down the car at will. Hopefully that's a 
remote possibility.  Tracking it is cool, but controlling it is even 
better.  I'm used to a Tesla (my other car), so I am quite spoiled.

I did get Micheal's firmware installed on the OVMS and hooked it up to 
the car but it's not booting properly (based on status LEDs).  Can that 
be because of the firmware or is the bootup sequence separate from the 
car-control code?

The LEDs flash like - 10 Green, 9 Green, 10 Green, 9 Green, then a few 
reds, then green and red flash together really fast.

I tried sending text messages to the board and no dice.

Any help would be appreciated, looking forward to getting this working!


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