[Ovmsdev] Twizy release 3.6.1

FRANCIS TERRY fterry at tesco.net
Thu Oct 29 05:25:37 HKT 2015

Thanks, I should of been reading the C2DM thread! 



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SMS notifications are not affected. If you don't want the trip reports to be sent, add 16 to feature #14. 


Am 27.10.2015 um 01:47 schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson: 

The Android PUSH notification issue is caused by Google turning off the C2DM push notification system we use. They have obsoleted the service for all users of c2dm. 

We are trying to migrate to the replacement GCM (Google Cloud Messaging), but it is not a simple replacement. The server side support needs to be re-written. While the changes in the App should be simple, GCM seems to require newer google frameworks, which break some of the libraries we are using. 

We are working on it, but Android PUSH notification not working at the moment. 

Regards, Mark. 


On 26 Oct, 2015, at 10:34 pm, Fran Terry < fterry at tesco.net > wrote: 

Hi Micheal, 

Seems to be an issue with this new version, not geting any notifications from OVMS via IP, not tried this via SMS yet. If I send a command via Andoird App, system sends back reply OK. 

Also noticed a possible issue with CFG profile not applying before each trip. 

Currently have feature #14 set to 0, however also tried with 64. 

Any ideas? 




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