[Ovmsdev] Kia Soul EV version 0.2 problems

Robert Cotran robert at cotran.ca
Mon Nov 2 00:40:10 HKT 2015

Hi again,

I tried the SIM card in a cell phone.  Worked perfectly, got data 
connection and was able to download data.

I doubt it's locked, it's brand new.  The phone didn't ask me for a code.

I verified the antennas are plugged correctly.

Can the OVMS kit be defective?  Does that happen?

Could the KIA firmware specifically have caused an issue?  Then again, 
Geir has it working no problem.



On 11/1/2015 10:48 AM, Michael Jochum wrote:
> Hi,
> have you tried the SIM Card in an Cell Phone? Did this work?
> Is the Card locked with a Pin code? OVMS can't handle PIN locked cards.
> Do you connect the Antennas to their right plugs?
> Bye
> Michael
>> Am 01.11.2015 um 16:13 schrieb Robert Cotran <robert at cotran.ca 
>> <mailto:robert at cotran.ca>>:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm happy to see that it looks like development of the Kia Soul EV 
>> firmware is going to continue, thanks to Micheal and Geir!
>> I went out and bought a dedicated SIM for the OVMS kit yesterday and 
>> flashed the OVMS with 0.2 of the Kia Soul firmware and I flashed the 
>> EEPROM as well since this is a new installation and there's nothing 
>> on the kit yet.
>> It's still not working unfortunately.  When I plug it into the car, 
>> the red LED comes on for a few seconds, then the red and green flash 
>> a bit, and then they both stay off for about 10-15 seconds, then the 
>> green flashes 10 times, then 9 times, then I think 8 or 9 times, and 
>> then the red LED flashes a few times while the green is flashing, and 
>> then then both start to flash on and off extremely fast, so fast that 
>> it looks like they are both on solid.  They stay like this for about 
>> 7 or 8 seconds, and then it starts all over again from the 10, 9 on 
>> green.
>> I've followed the Roadster guide to getting this up and running, I've 
>> cleaned the SIM contacts and I've tried two different SIM cards, so 
>> I'm a bit lost as to what I can try next.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions?
>> Thanks!
>> Rob
>> On 10/31/2015 5:20 PM, Michael Balzer wrote:
>>> Welcome Robert :-)
>>> Basic setup of the Kia firmware is the same as for other models. So 
>>> you can follow the Roadster guide or one of the Twizy guides first.
>>> You wrote to me you got the module from a friend, so you should 
>>> first flash once without preserving EEPROM to get a clean config to 
>>> start with.
>>> Follow Marks link to the support FAQ if you get stuck in the config 
>>> process. To diag LED flash codes, also take a look at the state 
>>> machine diagram in the main docs folder. If you need help, describe 
>>> exactly (!) which doc you've been following and what you have done 
>>> so far.
>>> If you're stuck at 10/9... maybe you should first check if the SIM 
>>> card has contact.
>>> Kia V0.1 only reads some first status messages and obtains the VIN 
>>> if you enable CAN write access (FEATURE 15 1). I've currently got 
>>> one positive and one negative test feedback for this version.
>>> Would be great if you could also check V0.2 -- it's in my account on 
>>> github:
>>> https://github.com/dexterbg/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System
>>> ...hex:
>>> http://dexters-web.de/f/kiasoul/OVMS-KiaSoul-0.2.zip
>>> This _should_ be able to show some first OBD diag data dumps (DEBUG 
>>> 1 / 5)... as I don't have a Kia, I need qualified beta test feedback.
>>> Regards,
>>> Michael
>>> Am 31.10.2015 um 14:16 schrieb Robert Cotran:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I'm replying to Micheal Balzer's email from yesterday.  I wasn't on 
>>>> the mailing list until late yesterday afternoon, hence I'm not able 
>>>> to click reply.
>>>> I've got a Kia Soul EV 2016 in Canada which doesn't have the UVO 
>>>> services, so this is of great interest to me.
>>>> I have the OVMS kit in front of me, but I'm a total newbie, so I'm 
>>>> reading through some guides to get started.
>>>> Just wanted to say that I'll gladly be the guinea pig for this.
>>>> What I'd REALLY like is to have a way to remotely turn on the 
>>>> climate control system to warm up/cool down the car at will. 
>>>> Hopefully that's a remote possibility.  Tracking it is cool, but 
>>>> controlling it is even better.  I'm used to a Tesla (my other car), 
>>>> so I am quite spoiled.
>>>> I did get Micheal's firmware installed on the OVMS and hooked it up 
>>>> to the car but it's not booting properly (based on status LEDs).  
>>>> Can that be because of the firmware or is the bootup sequence 
>>>> separate from the car-control code?
>>>> The LEDs flash like - 10 Green, 9 Green, 10 Green, 9 Green, then a 
>>>> few reds, then green and red flash together really fast.
>>>> I tried sending text messages to the board and no dice.
>>>> Any help would be appreciated, looking forward to getting this 
>>>> working!
>>>> Robert
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