[Ovmsdev] Firmware 2.7.1 / Android 3.8.1

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Mar 21 23:47:22 HKT 2015

Framework version 2.7.1:
     - New MSG command 7 = SMS command wrapper
     - Renamed doors3bits "CoolingPump" to "CarAwake" (as in documentation)
     - Fixed potential null pointer dereference on charge alert
     - Framework: ETR vars & STAT msg extended by separate range/SOC
       estimates + max ideal range
     - Consistency fix: new STAT ranges converted to user units
     - Documentation: added typical problems to german FAQ
     - Documentation: Modem / network state machine diagram

Twizy version 3.5.1:
     - Clearing watchdog on initial SEVCON login retries
     - Fixed logs command return code
     - Support for doors3.CarAwake (ignition)
     - Trip start references taken from first valid data after switch-on

Note: Twizy build now needs diag module to be excluded (ROM space).

Firmware download:

Android App version 3.8.1:
     - Fixed reset logs dialog title
     - Fixed parameter loading not ending if last param empty
     - Added control button in car list
     - Migrated notifications from file storage to SQLite
     - Introduced notification types (displayed as icons in list)
     - Switched notifications list to chat style (last @ bottom)
     - Added sending SMS/MMI commands from notification list
       (Note: SMS commands need module firmware >= 2.7.1)
     - STAT data model extended by new fields for firmware 2.7.1
     - Charge ETR display generalized using new STAT fields

APK download:

Please test & report :-)


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