[Ovmsdev] Registered phone / password security issue

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Wed Jul 22 08:39:45 HKT 2015

Hi Michael,

Have you confirmed the security problem? I've had time when the EEPROM got
zeroed out and I couldn't access the module via SMS at all. I had to
reflash with a valid EEPROM image in order to re-register my cell number.

I'm pretty careful not to share my OVMS phone number with anyone. If
someone unfriendly had it, they could send it a bunch of SMS messages each
of which costs me a penny. Do that 1,000 times, and they've disabled my
box until I refill my H2O account.


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Subject: [Ovmsdev] Registered phone / password security issue

>Hi everyone,
>some users including me experienced loss or garbling of eeprom
>parameters. I once saw by chance that my registered phone number had
>turned empty -- I seldom need to use SMS, so I only saw this when
>checking the parameter list on the App for another config.
>The same now also occured to another user I'm in contact with, and it
>now turned out that's not only annoying but a security issue:
>The current logic of net_sms_checkcaller() allows access to any phone
>number if the parameter is empty. The same applies to
>net_sms_checkpassarg(), which will allow any password to be used if no
>password is stored.
>As this kind of data loss can only be detected by checking the
>parameters, it's possible to check for "open" modules by just trying to
>access them from time to time -- you only need to know the SIM card
>I'm about to submit a change for both functions to NOT allow access if
>their respective param slots are empty.
>As the initial flash contents has the "OVMS" standard password, a
>completely lost module should still be restorable by re-flashing.
>Do I miss something? Is there any reason for the "empty=wildcard"
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