[Ovmsdev] OVMS as Antithft/Alarm system

Gianluca Magalotti gianluca at magalotti.net
Fri Feb 6 17:45:46 HKT 2015

I think the app side problem can be resolved by means of a background 
behavior (i don't know ios architecture but I've found an article here: 
stating that an ios app can have a background behavior. See remote 
notifications, i think it fits).
For the privacy concerns, maybe would be easy to collect responses 
(every app would send a go/nogo instead of their position) but this 
would be a two way communications (every app send the go/nogo) and one 
of them will send the "stop" to the car if all of the responses are "nogo".

1) When the car is starting a notification will "wake" the app (or 
activate a background behavior). The app then fetch the car position and 
the device position, thus making the decision (go/nogo).
2) The app send the results to the server
3) The server prepare a global response (Boolean OR of all the responses)
4) The server, after a predetermined amount of time (timeout) or when 
all party members have sent the response or at the first GO response, 
send a notification "Global GO/NOGO"
4) The app get the global response and eventually ask the car to stop

Would it work?



Il 04/02/15 05:00, ovmsdev-request at lists.teslaclub.hk ha scritto:
> Not really sure how this is supposed to work.
> Presumably, when the car is started, or starts to drive, you want to do a check for how far away the phones (apps) are? If too far away then alarm?
> If so, then the problem is going to be on the App side. Something needs to wake up the app to get it to send the location of the phone. I guess on Android this can be done with a push notification, but on iOS that won't work. On iOS, Apps don't launch because of push notifications.
> The privacy concerns are concerning. Whoever controls this needs to know the location of the car and all phones/tablets that can connect to that car.
> Regards, Mark.

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