[Ovmsdev] OVMS as Antithft/Alarm system

Gianluca Magalotti gianluca at magalotti.net
Tue Feb 3 15:16:24 HKT 2015

I think the server should have a role in this, mostly in the case that 
more than one device is "joined" to the same car.
Let me explain a little more the scenario:
Let's say there are 2 devices registered for the same car (a smartphone 
and a tablet) and one of them (my phone, for instance) is in the car 
with me while the tablet is on my desk at home.
When car starts the phone make the right decision (car is properly used) 
while the tablet makes the wong one (car is probably stolen). How we can 
resolve this?
All the solution I've taken into account are based upon "awareness" 
(each app should be aware of the others) and in this the server (or the 
communication protocol) has a role.
Some alternativees:
1) each app knows the others position and the rule is "all app positions 
are incompatible with cvar position" (some privacy issuese)
2) the decision is a "party" one: Apps make local decision and 
communicate it to the others (and do nothing if at least one app is 
stating "OK")
3) there is a "master app" that is the only that makes the decision.

As social aspect, would be nice to have more complex rules based on 
tuple <CarId, CarPosition, DeviceId, DevicePosition> (the scenario I 
suggested on Kids monitoring).

Only one question now, Do OVMS module send a message when car is started 
(for Twizy is the GO position)?

Il 03/02/15 03:41, ovmsdev-request at lists.teslaclub.hk ha scritto:
> As the server does not know where the App device is, this is more an App
> side feature.
> The firmware does not need to be changed because it already supports
> remote stopping of the car by using the LOCK command. You can already do
> that now, but you need to do so manually.
> So first step would be a distance alarm, second step would be an
> automatic LOCK on alarm.
> Sounds pretty simple... I'll have a look at it.
> Regards,
> Michael

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