[Ovmsdev] Add ChaDeMo and CSS to car_chargemode

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Dec 9 03:14:10 HKT 2015


the server is very agnostic about the content data, should be no problem.

car_chargemode is in fact up to now a Tesla Roadster specific thing,
that's still interpreted by the framework. On the roadster, this does
not reflect the plug type, but the charging program selected by the
user. While that's a good idea, most other cars don't offer this option
(yet). I think only the Leaf offers two charge modes (80% / 100%).

Modes could be implemented in the OVMS though, if the OVMS can control
the charge (read: terminate when the desired SOC has been reached).

So introducing plug types as charge modes is a semantic mockup. A
possible solution is to define a bit mask for a charge mode part (i.e.
lower three bits) and another mask for the plug type. Or we can
introduce a new virtual car variable "car_chargeplugtype" for this.

Openchargemap.org currently lists 35 known plug types (+ 0 = unknown),
see http://api.openchargemap.io/v2/referencedata/ for their IDs. So
using 5 bits of car_chargemode will not yield enough place, IMO you
should introduce a new framework variable.

You can simply add that new variable to the MSG protocol "S" (status)
message, just add it at the end to make it compatible. The server will
just store it, clients (Apps) will automatically receive it but need to
be extended to interpret & display it.


Am 08.12.2015 um 19:19 schrieb Geir Øyvind Vælidalo:
> Hi guys,
> I would like to have ChaDeMo and CSS added to car_chargemode,  and maybe Type 1 and Type 2 too. Then we can display those names in the apps and maybe even add images for those charge plugs.
> I would propose this:
> 0x00 - Standard
> 0x01 - Storage
> 0x02 - ???
> 0x03 - Range
> 0x04 - Performance
> 0x05 - ChaDeMo
> 0x06 - CSS
> 0x07 - J1772  Type 1
> 0x08 - Mennekes Type 2
> What to you guys think? Would it be problematic for the server and/or apps if suddenly the Kia Souls stated sending chargemode 0x05?
> Best regards,
> Geir
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