[Ovmsdev] Add ChaDeMo and CSS to car_chargemode

Geir Øyvind Vælidalo geir at validalo.net
Wed Dec 9 02:19:01 HKT 2015

Hi guys,

I would like to have ChaDeMo and CSS added to car_chargemode,  and maybe Type 1 and Type 2 too. Then we can display those names in the apps and maybe even add images for those charge plugs.
I would propose this:
0x00 - Standard
0x01 - Storage
0x02 - ???
0x03 - Range
0x04 - Performance
0x05 - ChaDeMo
0x06 - CSS
0x07 - J1772  Type 1
0x08 - Mennekes Type 2

What to you guys think? Would it be problematic for the server and/or apps if suddenly the Kia Souls stated sending chargemode 0x05?

Best regards,

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