[Ovmsdev] OVMS v2 stock / OVMS v3

Jérôme Nicolle jerome at ceriz.fr
Wed Aug 12 03:06:00 HKT 2015


Le 11/08/2015 19:50, Michael Balzer a écrit :
> my 2 cents: let's go V3, the sooner the better.

I totally agree. Let's discard the v2 ASAP.

> I'm stuck with the Twizy development, because there is just no space
> left in ROM.

Yeah, as a Twizy user, I feel like we'd really benefit from a more
flexible platform.

> A really important issue though is the EU approval, that's the single
> most blocking issue of V2 distribution and really needs to be adressed
> in V3.

Uh ? What kind of aproval are you looking for ? It's a homebrew /
self-implemented device, and per EU laws, you shall dispose of your
goods as you'd like unless interfering with safety regulations (or,
obviously, broader laws).

> I know of two guys who thought about using the OVMS platform for a free
> + commercial Smart ED App alternative, but now go for another platform.

Then they might have to contribute (financially) to a certifiable
device, which AFAIK is not a goal for the OVMS project. Distribution of
an embedded developpment platform isn't regulated. They could use it for
prototyping, but would still have to go through regulatory burden on
their (eventually customized) design.

> Btw: could you create a report from the server logs how many modules are
> currently running which vehicle type?

Not sure it's a good idea to publish data coming from this server.
Please consider debating a policy regarding user data on OVMS servers,
it could save us a lot of trouble. I personally am against any use or
publication of any user identifiable data, and even statistics could be
used against us by regulator's jerks, as they could imply real use
instead of pure amusement.

Best regards,

Jérôme Nicolle

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