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Hi guys,

I just started looking at the OVMS again after a long time away, so forgive me if I get some details wrong.

Looking at the Eagle schematic, I see the crystal specified as 20 MHz. In HS mode, that would make the main oscillator run at FOSC = 20 MHz. But if you're using the HSPLL, you could be running at the maximum FOSC = 40 MHz. The latter option would obviously cut the period in half. A quick check of the firmware source shows #pragma config OSC = HS, so you might consider doubling this using HSPLL and the remaining appropriate config changes.

Anyway, starting with 20 MHz, FOSC/4 = 5 MHz, which is probably where that 5 MHz comment comes from below.
The 1:8 prescaler takes that down to 625 kHz
TMR1H:TMR1L of 0x0000 is effectively 0x10000, or 65,536, bringing the frequency down to 9.5367431640625 Hz.

The reciprocal is exactly 104.8576 ms.

If you double the PIC speed to its rated maximum using the High Speed Phase Locked Loop (and use a multiplier of 2, not the example of 4 in the data sheet which would bring a 10 MHz crystal up to the 40 MHz maximum), then the period would be 52.4288 ms, but I think you could use the exact same technique that Tom mentioned to adjust for seconds without too much error. You'd just need to alter the values by a factor of two.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

On Oct 22, 2014, at 8:30 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
> Looks good.
> (45681/4790)*104.8576 = 1000.0000053411
> I've committed that, and will carry on testing tonight.
> Now, of course this depends on the calculation of 104.8576ms per timer1 interrupt. I have no idea where that figure originally came from, or if it is correct. It does looks like the LED count counts 10 of these to get 1 flash a second, so it seems correct. The initialisation for timer1 is:
>   // Timer 1 enabled, Fosc/4, 16 bit mode, prescaler 1:8
>   T1CON = 0b10110101; // @ 5Mhz => 51.2uS / 256
>   IPR1bits.TMR1IP = 0; // Low priority interrupt
>   PIE1bits.TMR1IE = 1; // Enable interrupt
>   TMR1L = 0;
>   TMR1H = 0;
> but the @5Mhz comment is incorrect because that is not what our oscillator runs at.
> Regards, Mark.

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