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phil hochstetler phil.hochstetler at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 01:50:09 HKT 2014

I have used the mbed in the past for prototyping and I agree with Mark that
this is a great compromise between functionality, low cost, and ease of
It also has a real 32 bit C programming model (none of the warts of a pic
processor) that make us old C programmers feel right at home.
I think it has enough I/O capabilities to keep everyone happy
(display/bluetooth/wifi/can/etc) while making the add-on boards affordable.
I don't know if the arduino shield model is the right one to pick for
add/ons (it may be).  Perhaps put some base I/O on the board with options
for expansion to keep cost down.
I'm ready to replace my rev2 hardware with something that has a touch
display as I want a way to see data when driving.
I have played around with other options (including can bluetooth adapters)
but the elm327 model of accessing data is pretty limited.
I give mbed my vote.

Phil H.
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