[Ovmsdev] v2.6.7

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Oct 20 21:58:16 HKT 2014

Its been a while, and quite a bit has changed, so time for a new firmware.


Twizy updates
Think city updates
TR VECE updates
Fix issue #135 (SMS response messed up for GPRS?, etc)
Fix for net_msg handling of SMS LOCK, UNLOCK, VALET, UNVALET (and others) in Tesla Roadster module
Make all SMS responses include the time (if possible), but add a carbits feature FEATURE_CB_SSMSTIME to allow this to be suppressed
Allow ACC acc_handle_msg to choose to handle a particular message
First implemention of net_fnbits NET_FN_CARTIME (as per http://lists.teslaclub.hk/pipermail/ovmsdev/2013-November/001819.html <http://lists.teslaclub.hk/pipermail/ovmsdev/2013-November/001819.html>)

For the NET_FN_CARTIME, this is enabled in vehicle modules by setting net_fnbits |= NET_FN_CARTIME during initialisation (see vehicle_obdii.c for an example) and then not adjusting car_time at all. The car_parktime can be set as normal (using car_time as a reference). This is completely untested (I’ve somehow lost GSM connectivity to my workbench in the last week or two, so this is proving hard for me to test).

The logic for NET_FN_CARTIME is implemented in three places:

The vehicle.c implements initialisation of car_time.
The led.c implements an interrupt to increment car_time every second. As we treat 104.8576ms as 105ms, we are 0.1424ms inaccurate for each clock tick, which may build up over time (but is still more accurate than the previous approach).
The net.c implements handling the response to +CCLK polls, and adjusts car_time and car_parktime if necessary.

I’d appreciate it if someone with better connectivity on their workbench could help test this, and fix as appropriate. Hopefully we can get any bugs in this worked out over the next few days and when it is working change the vehicle modules to use it and then cut a firmware v2.6.7.

Regards, Mark.

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