[Ovmsdev] Twizy : Symptomes of a failing charger

Julien (JaXX) Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Fri May 30 16:33:14 HKT 2014


And an extra hello to Twizy Specialists.

I'm running into what's believed to be a common Twizy issue concerning 
the onboard charger

Since a big week: during charge, after a few minutes (and for sure if I 
come back to the car while it's ending charge) the SERV light is on, 
along with the exclamation point battery icon. Upon departure, the SERV 
is off, but comes back after a few seconds before going away after 3/4km 
of driving.
 From what I read, it's the forthcoming signs of a failing battery 
charger (hopefully, warranty ends in 3 weeks). Though, most of the 
people who had this usually noticed a missing fan noise, which I believe 
I still hear.

This does not seem linked to the pretty impressive accident I had a few 
weeks ago (only plastics involved at first sight, gotta plan the budget 
for repairs until police enquiry+insurance kick in)

So, unless I'm totally nuts, I've ever only seen flatline pwr_curr rates 
(then decreasing approaching topping off).
Simply, I wanted to share with you odd power curves from a charger 
giving it's last breath:
[ Arrived early at work nearly (expected) depleted battery (9%), from 
8:40 to 9:17: steady 2400 +/- 50 W, then it drops to 1040W at 9:30, 
before slowly coming back to 1700W at 9:44 then 1550W since... ]

Though I've had the SERV on the last charges, since this morninh, a 
Stats? command shows Charging, Topping Off, even though the time I walk 
to the office it didn't get to 11% of SoC, and the ETA, at 8:44 seemed 
consistent at 199 minutes (now 10:31: ETA Full: 105 minutes, SoC 60%)... 

"Voilà" That's about it... Gotta call the garage now :-/

Hugs and all!


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