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Christopher Cook christopher.cook at webprofusion.com
Sat May 24 08:28:49 HKT 2014

Thanks Tom, we can chase that up, or alternatively if you know people at 
these networks you're welcome to invite them to join OCM as a data 
provider (just CC myself and J-C Saint-Po) -  we are generally trying to 
convince them to donate their information under a CC BY S-A 3.0 license 
(http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) but we'll consider 
other terms as long as it means we can redistribute the information via 
our API etc.

In general most US stations have come from either the DOE AFDC system or 
from Carstations.com (and these would probably have been a point of 
reference for other map providers as well). It would generally be better 
for OCM to pull from the networks own data sets however these are often 
locked into systems we're not permitted to copy from. Historically we've 
been flexible about our data sources (so OCM data has mixed data 
licensing terms which can be seen in the Data Provider section of each 
POI) but we're now pretty strict about getting explicit permission - for 
instance we got permission yesterday to redistribute another 600 
Canadian locations under an open data license.

De-duplication is a big and surprisingly complicated problem. Currently 
we will try not to add stations which are within 100m of each other 
specifically because it may just be the same location described 
differently. In general stations from the same network are grouped under 
1 POI with multiple equipment details entries.

The absolute best way to get the information correct is for you to edit 
things when you see that they're wrong, or add information if you see 
it's not there. I realise that's where it gets frustrating because you 
end up having to enter stuff into all the various apps you use.

Thanks for the offer of the perl script, we have a fairly standardised 
import mechanism (written in C#, which is similar to Java) which you can 
see here (excuse the mess, several of these providers are not used):


On 24/05/2014 06:19, Tom Saxton wrote:
> That's a fair point, although I don't think it's especially 
> proprietary since users can report the same information manually. The 
> stations are all public.
> I'd suggest contacting Kent Rathwell:
> Kent Rathwell
> President and Founder
> Sun Country Highway
> kent at suncountryhighway.ca
> 306-612-4600
> 800-467-6920
> If Kent says it's OK, but can't give you a nice data feed, my script 
> may be useful.
>    Tom
> On 5/23/14, 2:46 PM, "Paul Churchley" <paul at churchley.org 
> <mailto:paul at churchley.org>> wrote:
> I think that OCM needs to be mindful of copyright when taking data 
> from other sources. In fact, I know that Christopher Cook of OCM is 
> mindful of that. So unless the data at the Sun Country Highway Network 
> is open source OCM will be cautious of "grabbing" data from anywhere.
> This whole area of potential of breach of copyright and data licensing 
> is something we all need to me mindful of. :-)

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