[Ovmsdev] GEVCU 5 hardware

Kevin Sharpe kevin.sharpe at zerocarbonworld.org
Thu May 15 21:01:19 HKT 2014

Do you have anything on target pricing for GEVCU v3?

GEVCU 5 is designed to be much lower cost than GEVCU 3 and the BOM
(including case) is 205 USD using MOUSER list prices. My guess is that we
can keep it well under $200 in volume production.

I will send you a BOM and maybe your friends in Hong Kong could quote :-)

Personally, I think the increased functionality is worth paying for and I
don¹t think 200 USD would stop many people from using OVMS/GEVCU when you
consider dual-CAN, BT, WiFI, lots memory, flash, Android, etc. etc.

I also think sharing a common hardware platform would bring huge benefits in
terms of future cost reductions, support, and development.

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