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Christopher Cook christopher.cook at webprofusion.com
Sun May 4 19:01:27 HKT 2014

Actually, on that topic (almost) - we should discuss how OVMS users might checkin (or even auto-checkin) to OCM. That would help us track which locations people are using and the quality of their experience there.

Are there any recent thoughts on this from the OVMS side? Currently there are no third party apps writing to the OCM API. Doing so currently requires at least authentication (via the web UI) - this is also the method used by the OCM mobile apps.

There is the possibility of a quicker/simple login to OCM via third party apps by way of a security code emailed to the user (who would either be new to OCM or an existing user). Not massively secure (there are holes in the approach) but it would make it easy for third party apps to quickly authenticate.

Alternatively we can provide URLs which OVMS users would open in a browser/webview which go on to use the standard mobile app or site. This is the easiest for OVMS apps to implement.

Depends on what integration people would like to see?


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