[Ovmsdev] Industry Attempting To Stop DIY EVSE

Kevin Sharpe kevin.sharpe at zerocarbonworld.org
Mon Mar 31 21:46:53 HKT 2014

On 31/03/2014 13:16, "Michael Balzer" <dexter at expeedo.de> wrote:

>It sure will be interesting to see how that lobby
>will try to act against you, but I also know it
>doesn't feel good facing a bunch of highly paid
>lobby lawyers.
>I think I would wait for their first strike to see
>what they try, and be prepared having to obey some
>provisional injunction.

I¹m well used to business in the US so not concerned personallyŠ I do
think it¹s a good test for the EV driver community who have to decide
whether they want the right to modify their cars in futureŠ if the EVSE
manufacturers get their way then all mods are at risk because of ¹safety'

We¹ve made a formal complaint to the competition authorities in the UK
which will be interesting.

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