[Ovmsdev] Industry Attempting To Stop DIY EVSE

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Mar 31 20:16:04 HKT 2014


well, who would have expected this... ;-)

Lots of money has been invested by the industry 
into making charging an EV much more complicated, 
controllable and expensive than just plugging into 
a standard socket like any other electrical device...

...and you just walk along and show people how to 
undermine that? How impertinent! :-D

It sure will be interesting to see how that lobby 
will try to act against you, but I also know it 
doesn't feel good facing a bunch of highly paid 
lobby lawyers.

I think I would wait for their first strike to see 
what they try, and be prepared having to obey some 
provisional injunction.


Am 31.03.2014 13:35, schrieb Kevin Sharpe:
> http://zerocarbonworld.org/documents/ukevse-zcw1.pdf

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