[Ovmsdev] Firmware 2.6.5

Jack West jackduncanwest at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 00:41:06 HKT 2014

After upgrading to 2.6.5 (V2/TR) I am experiencing some trouble using ACC.  Is there a revised document detailing commands and usage?  I suspect user error.

I downloaded 2.6.5 from Git and compiled myself.

ACC PARAMS would not set an ACC location until I used the ACC HERE command.  After successfully loading PARAMS and enabling ACC the charge appeared to start as planned.  However the charge did not complete as it seems the car overrode the ACC command with a previously defined timed charge.  It looks like virtually no charging took place even after the car's timer should have started.  Possibly unrelated but maybe relevant is that the car would not start after unplugging charge cable.  Charge port door had to be cycled and then car would start.

I also notice what appears to be garbage in PARAMETER 15 (COOLDOWN).  No cooldown commands have been issued and the garbage looks very similar to data in ACC location#1.  No other ACC locations have been defined.


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