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This is an interesting thread.  I can see the advantage of newer, more
flexible and more powerful hardware, and the need to move on from the AT&T
2G shutdown.
In looking around, I found this website, http://www.carknow.me/.  They are
working on making an open source ARM7 based hardware platform integrated
into the cloud.
I just thought I would pass this on.

Phil H.

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 8:41 AM, Mastro Gippo <gipmad at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all, I'd like to resurrect an old conversation. As we know, the current
> PIC is quickly running out of resources and maybe it's time to switch to a
> better platform. Two CAN buses are now desirable too. A microSD slot and
> direct USB connectivity wouldn't hurt either.
> I will probably have to design a similar hardware for myself, so I'd like
> to contribute to the OVMS by sharing the HW platform if you want; no
> strings attached of course, if you decide that there's no need for the
> upgrade, I'll keep on working on my project by myself! :)
> That said, I'd like to throw a few ideas to the table.
> - MCU: I'd like to use an STM32 micro. They seem to be emerging as the
> standard choice for diy ARM projects, and this offers a few interesting
> opportunities:
>  -Programming it in c/c++ with the manufacturer CMSIS standard libraries
> (boring)
>  -Programming it with the mbed.org SDK. Unfortunately no dev boards are
> available with dual CAN bus, but it will be easy to move to the correct
> micro of the same series once most of the software is ironed out on a dev
> board like the https://mbed.org/platforms/ST-Nucleo-F302R8/
>  -Programming it with an RTOS. NuttX would be my choice, as it's the one
> used in the Ardupilot Pixhawk platform, and I'd like to learn it. This
> would mean a steeper starting curve, but a lot of flexibility later as a
> lot of stuff is handled on the OS level (network stacks, SD card &
> filesystems, multitasking...). FreeRTOS is a nice option too.
> I'd like to use the STM32F405RG as it's the most similar to the one found
> on the Pixhawk, but of course I'm biased because of that, and that micro is
> quite overkill for the task. We can of course use a lower specced part and
> lose some RTOS fuctionality as long as it has 2 CAN buses.
> - MODEM: I have no experience in this field; is the SIM908 still a good
> choice or does anyone think that we should try new platforms?
> I like this, but I don't know if the price puts it out of budget:
> http://www.telit.com/telit/Pulsar/en_US.Store.display.1001./ge864-gps
> On the bright side, it can be programmed in python, so we can offload some
> of the work to the modem. This *could* allow us to free some space on the
> PIC, and keep that platform without changing MCU..
> - Enclosure: I think that, even with the new MCU, we can still fit the old
> enclosure. Is that ok, or should we think about a more automotive-friendly
> one? Maybe waterproof for the twizy?
> And that's it. I think that the core SW developers should voice their
> opinion, as there is a lot of work to be done on that front. A huge problem
> will be keeping backwards compatibility to add features for the v2 users,
> so we should discuss about this too.
> Regards
> MG
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