[Ovmsdev] CAN ID Roadster

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Wed Jun 18 23:58:44 HKT 2014

Hi Michael,

Look at the function vehicle_teslaroadster_poll0 in
vehicle_teslaroadster.c. That's where all of the CAN messages are decoded.

The globals that get set are documented in ovms.h. The charge current is
car_chargecurrent and the battery temperature is car_tbattery. I'm not
sure if pack voltage is known, but I haven't looked at everything in


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>for an other Project i am locking for some CAN IDs. Some are used in OVMS
>some not. Or i didn't find them. :)
>i am locking for:
>- Battery Voltage DC
>- Charging Current DC
>- Battery Temp.
>Can anybody help. (No i don't have a TR. So i can't lock myself)
>Michael J.
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