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Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Tue Jun 17 04:11:02 HKT 2014

hi Nikolay,

The comments on the struct definition tell you which bits are which. From

typedef struct {
  unsigned FrontLeftDoor:1;     // 0x01
  unsigned FrontRightDoor:1;    // 0x02
  unsigned ChargePort:1;        // 0x04
  unsigned PilotSignal:1;       // 0x08
  unsigned Charging:1;          // 0x10
  unsigned :1;                  // 0x20
  unsigned HandBrake:1;         // 0x40
  unsigned CarON:1;             // 0x80
} car_doors1bits_t;

I don't know why bit 5 needs to always be on. It's not for the roadster.
Here's a sample D record from my car:

D 128,0,3,48,75,30,310,390213,21,0,33,2,119,120,12.8,161,11.4,0

As you can see, the first byte has only the high bit (CarON) set.

Another record shows (97 = 0x61) the car is off, the front left door is
open, the handbrake is on, and the unnamed bit is set. I guess we haven't
figured out what the unnamed bit means.

D 97,0,3,39,61,27,191,390093,0,332,32,2,120,119,12.8,33,11.4,0


On 6/16/14, 12:50 PM, "Nikolay Shishkov" <nshishkov at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Mark, Or anyone out there that can help.
This is the D message.
 D 92,0,0,28,29,23,0,0,0,13281,-127,3,60,-1,14.2,0,0.0,16
The first byte is 92 decimal and 0101 1100 binary. In my build this value
can be 3 (0000 0011), or 64 (0100 0000). This first byte should correspond
to cardoors1 byte.
Now which one is bit nr. 5 that is always supposed be 1?
Or how do I find which bit is bit nr.7?
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