[Ovmsdev] OVMS v3

Lee Howard lee.howard at mainpine.com
Tue Jun 17 02:55:07 HKT 2014

I want to say "amen" to both Kevin's and Matt's comments.

Right now it's really only fully useful for Roadster (and Model S) 
owners.  Volt/Ampera owners (and Leaf and Twizzy?) can remotely get a 
limited amount of incredibly useful information (like SOC), but the 
degree of control that the Roaster owners have isn't there (locking, 
unlocking, pre-heating/cooling, etc.).

I intend to develop-in some of these features over time - at least for 
Volt/Ampera, and the only thing that has me not yet doing that is my 
need to get up-to-speed on the development environment and methods.

However, even if all of the features available to Roadster owners were 
there for everyone, there is still so much more potential, as Kevin and 
Matt have said.

If something isn't done to enable the expanded use then OVMS will 
continually only cater to a limited audience: one that wants access to 
various remote-control and remote-tracking features, but with limited 
local (in-car) usability and limited developer appeal.



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